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How Many Light Builders Have Copied This Light?
Check out everyone that has copied out lights. For years we have changed the game by upping the warranties and increasing the quality of the light builds.
Check out our featured product.
The Assassin X Pro LED Cap Light Features full brightness
control, dynamic temperature control, multiple colors, brighter
colors, longer burn time, and more. It also comes with the
longest warranty of any light on the market. 2 Year full on
switches and battery pack, + 4 year full on leds, + our limited
lifetime. Not a single other light builder has a warranty that
comes close, not even close by...........well.........a lifetime.

Not only does our light have all of these features, but you
never pay for any labor on repairs, maintenance of your light
is always 100% free, and parts during the lifetime warranty
once the full expires are sold to you at cost. Our lights have
the lowest cost of ownership above all other lights.
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